The SplFileObject class

(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The SplFileObject class offers an object-oriented interface for a file.

Class synopsis

class SplFileObject extends SplFileInfo implements RecursiveIterator, SeekableIterator {
/* Constants */
const int DROP_NEW_LINE = 1;
const int READ_AHEAD = 2;
const int SKIP_EMPTY = 4;
const int READ_CSV = 8;
/* Methods */
public __construct(
    string $filename,
    string $mode = "r",
    bool $useIncludePath = false,
    ?resource $context = null
public current(): string|array|false
public eof(): bool
public fflush(): bool
public fgetc(): string|false
public fgetcsv(string $separator = ",", string $enclosure = "\"", string $escape = "\\"): array|false
public fgets(): string
public fgetss(string $allowable_tags = ?): string
public flock(int $operation, int &$wouldBlock = null): bool
public fpassthru(): int
public fputcsv(
    array $fields,
    string $separator = ",",
    string $enclosure = "\"",
    string $escape = "\\",
    string $eol = "\n"
): int|false
public fread(int $length): string|false
public fscanf(string $format, mixed &...$vars): array|int|null
public fseek(int $offset, int $whence = SEEK_SET): int
public fstat(): array
public ftell(): int|false
public ftruncate(int $size): bool
public fwrite(string $data, int $length = 0): int|false
public getCsvControl(): array
public getFlags(): int
public getMaxLineLen(): int
public hasChildren(): bool
public key(): int
public next(): void
public rewind(): void
public seek(int $line): void
public setCsvControl(string $separator = ",", string $enclosure = "\"", string $escape = "\\"): void
public setFlags(int $flags): void
public setMaxLineLen(int $maxLength): void
public valid(): bool
/* Inherited methods */
public SplFileInfo::getATime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getBasename(string $suffix = ""): string
public SplFileInfo::getCTime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getExtension(): string
public SplFileInfo::getFileInfo(?string $class = null): SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getFilename(): string
public SplFileInfo::getGroup(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getInode(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getLinkTarget(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getMTime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getOwner(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getPath(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPathInfo(?string $class = null): ?SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getPathname(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPerms(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getRealPath(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getSize(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getType(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::isDir(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isFile(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isLink(): bool
public SplFileInfo::openFile(string $mode = "r", bool $useIncludePath = false, ?resource $context = null): SplFileObject
public SplFileInfo::setFileClass(string $class = SplFileObject::class): void
public SplFileInfo::setInfoClass(string $class = SplFileInfo::class): void
public SplFileInfo::__toString(): string

Predefined Constants


Drop newlines at the end of a line.


Read on rewind/next.


Skips empty lines in the file. This requires the READ_AHEAD flag be enabled, to work as expected.


Read lines as CSV rows.

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