The XSLTProcessor class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


Class synopsis

class XSLTProcessor {
/* Methods */
public getParameter(string $namespace, string $name): string|false
public getSecurityPrefs(): int
public hasExsltSupport(): bool
public importStylesheet(object $stylesheet): bool
public registerPHPFunctions(array|string|null $functions = null): void
public removeParameter(string $namespace, string $name): bool
public setParameter(string $namespace, string $name, string $value): bool
public setParameter(string $namespace, array $options): bool
public setProfiling(?string $filename): bool
public setSecurityPrefs(int $preferences): int
public transformToDoc(object $document, ?string $returnClass = null): DOMDocument|false
public transformToURI(DOMDocument $doc, string $uri): int
public transformToXml(object $document): string|null|false

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